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Black Sky Brewing - Former Breckenridge brewer moves a block East with metal and Newhaven pizza

Harry Smith and Lila Mackey are opening up a heavy metal themed brewery at 490 Santa Fe.

Their coming soon sign promises a brewery, taproom, and New Haven style pizza.

There are no plans for Black Sky to produce beer for off-site consumption - no cans or bottles - but maybe you'll be able to get a growler or keg if you ask really nicely?

Congratulations to Harry and Lila on the new venture.

490 Santa Fe - Black Sky Brewing


490 Santa Fe
Denver, CO 80204
United States
39° 43' 26.1768" N, 104° 59' 53.8728" W

In what has previously been an art gallery we now get a brewery.

pumps, pipes, hoses and control equipment at Breckenridge Brewery

This is just part of the massive amounts of plumbing, hoses, pumps and control equipment at Breckenridge Brewery.

Grain storage tower behind Breckenridge Brewer

This is the big grain storage behind breckenridge brewery.

Tours at Breckenridge Brewery in Denver

Breckenridge Brewery offers tours of the brewing facility at their 471 Kalamath location in Denver. As of June 2011, the tours were offered at the top of the hour 2, 3, 4, 5 on Saturday and 3 o'clock on Wednesdays and Fridays. Perfect times whether you are looking for weekend entertainment, something to get you over hump-day, or an early kick-off to your weekend.

A few weeks ago we toured the brewery and got to see several interesting bits.

Renegade Brewing taster beers and menu

These were the Ryetous IPA, Imperial Porter, and Strong Coffee beers.

Renegade Brewing Menu - August 2011

Regulars (more likely to be available)

  • 5 o'clock blonde ale
  • Ryeteous rye ipa
  • Una Mas roasted pepper mexican amber
  • Hit me american red
  • Another thrill imperial porter
  • Sunday morning strong coffee (strong ale)

Small batch (more likely to vary):

  • Rye rye miss aperican pye - rye ale
  • King of spain (1/2 una mas, 1/2 ryetous)

Note how they recommend Belemonti's pizzeria if you want some grub.

Renegade Brewing Company

The Renegade Brewing Company is the latest addition to Denver's "Fermentation row" along Santa Fe/Kalamath between Alameda and downtown.

So far Renegade has a tasting room where they sell beers for on-site consumtpion and in growlers or kegs so you can take it home. They also have some merch like hats and shirts.

See their website for more info.

925 West 9th Avenue, Denver, 80204


925 West 9th Avenue Denver, CO 80204
United States
39° 44' 16.9332" N, 105° 1' 35.472" W
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