interior of Webber Theater (Kitty's South), September 2012

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Westword today quoted our 2011 article on the Webber Theater, so it seemed worth putting up this grab-shot of the interior during taken another spate of work in September 2012

this shot shows the lobby structure mostly removed, and debris being cleared from the gaping void of the slope-floored original theater space; the old proscenium is dimly visible

like Westword, we have no news on the building's fate


I'd really like to paint the

I'd really like to paint the exterior sign. I'm certain that travelers down Broadway still think this building functions as Kitty's. Is this possible? Can we get the city to do it?

good point

good point about how passers-by may perceive it; i believe the building is still private property, so i think that leaves it up to the owner, who doesn't seem to be very engaged

given all the effort that goes into covering up graffiti on the building, it would seem a simple matter to rework the signage, if there were a will to do so

trying to make that happen

I am trying to make this happen. I just moved in across from "Kitty's" in the former Heaven Sent Me location. I turned it into an art gallery. I spoke with the owners of Kittys today and he is an extremely nice guy who has been in Denver all his life. Stop by my gallery. I would love to talk with you about this. Regard Kevin Eslinger