Tours at Breckenridge Brewery in Denver

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Breckenridge Brewery offers tours of the brewing facility at their 471 Kalamath location in Denver. As of June 2011, the tours were offered at the top of the hour 2, 3, 4, 5 on Saturday and 3 o'clock on Wednesdays and Fridays. Perfect times whether you are looking for weekend entertainment, something to get you over hump-day, or an early kick-off to your weekend.

A few weeks ago we toured the brewery and got to see several interesting bits.

  • They had just purchased a canning machine, which they are using to can beers for themselves and under the Wynkoop brand. Previously they canned their beers manually, so this is a real work-saver for the guys who used to be in charge of manually topping and pressing cans together.
  • They go through an enormous amount of grain. It gets delivered on the west side of the building, goes through an overhead pvc pipe to a grinder that cracks it open to let out the delicious flavors and let in some water, dropped into a collection funnel and shipped back up in overhead pvc pipes to the mash tun server.

If you do go, be sure you go thirsty and hungry. The barbecue at this location is delicious.

The tours are run by Matt Eldridge in the marketing department. You can email for more info:


My sister and I stopped in

My sister and I stopped in Breckenridge Brewery in Breckenridge last month while we were there snowboarding. We stopped in next door to buy a pair of womens snowboard pants and decided to check out BB. They told us about these tours that they have in Denver, we just didn't know exactly when they were. Thank you for posting the details on your site. They have some of the best beer that I've ever tasted. We got a "tour of the peaks", which included 9 different samples, representing 9 peaks in Breck. Next time you are skiing in Breck, I highly recommend the brewery there.