Denver Loyalty Program is saving Baker residents money

LocalBonus is a local business loyalty program that lets users connect their existing credit/debit card to their account, earn point at our merchants and redeem for cash back rewards. They have recently launched in Denver with over 300 merchants, many in the Baker area.

Here's how it works:
- simply create an account at
- connect any and all yours cards
- start shopping at any of the merchants:
- You'll earn a certain amount of points per $1 spent
- You can redeem 4,000 points for $10 but if you save, your points will go up in value

Here are some awesome merchants in the neighborhood:
- Lincoln's Roadhouse, 1201 S Pearl Street:
- The Village Cork, 1300 S Pearl St:
- Le Bakery Sensual, 300 E 6th Ave:
- Broadway Tile, 260 Broadway:

Sign up through this link, and you'll get double points:


Two in Baker and one

Two in Baker and one nearby--that's many? Time to go back to math class, spammy McSpamalot.

quibble on

In fairness, they said the Baker "area" not "in Baker proper."

It seems like an interesting program. If they have this kind of penetration into the Baker area then I feel like it must have some value. I'm certainly curious to see how it progresses.

It seems like an interesting

It seems like an interesting program? These loyalty programs never amount to anything for customers or the businesses, they just give some middleman a little skim. A middleman spammer like you, Greg.

So, your comment is a littlle

So, your comment is a littlle thin on details, but here's what I think you're saying.

  1. It's not an interesting program.
  2. Loyalty programs never amount to anything for customers or the businesses
  3. "Middlemen" are the only people who make money from loyalty programs
  4. I am a "middleman spammer" (either in general or because I accepted money from this person)

My thoughts:

  1. OK, that's a fine opinion to have. Obviously there are people who disagree, but that's fine.
  2. It seems odd to me that modern (i.e. electronic) loyalty programs like this have been used in grocery stores since the 1990s and lower sophistication programs (e.g. stamp collection) have been in use since the 1950s. I really enjoy the loyalty program at Buffalo Doughboy and have for the past ~6 years. Are they not benefitting from it? If they aren't beneficial then it seems like a pretty dumb mistake for all of these organizations to make for so many years.
  3. Certainly many of the middlemen involved in these programs make money, but is that really so despicable? I would love to know your profession to hear just how honerable it is. Surely you're not a middleman in any way - maybe you're a subsistence farmer?
  4. I don't think I'm generally a "middleman spammer" - if I've done something that feels that way please do let me know and I'll do my best to correct it. The author of the original post didn't pay for the right to post on this site. Like you they are using the ability to freely post their perspective on this site. It's fine for you to disagree with what they have to say or point out a better system but it would be nice if you would at least try to be productive and constructive towards the neighborhood.

I've wandered the neighborhood posting photos and details on local businesses trying to highlight the best and most interesting elements. I host the site, at a loss. I don't expect a ribbon for that, but use it as an example of the kind of behavior that users and contributors should expect at this site. So...register, post some photos or stories of the great things being done in (or near) Baker by amazing businesses. If you dislike some content then please add your own content that is better.

Your site is great, thanks

Your site is great, thanks for doing it and for posting the pictures and articles. I don't object to advertising, I object to people who post random ads, that are often misleading or scams, that don't support a site. That's what this post looks like. If it is your ad supporting your site, than that's your prerogative, and I apologize.