JAK Auto property for sale to a developer

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I happened to drive by at a time when the real estate agent was onsite with a potential buyer. The property is zoned for residential but has an existing use for auto repair. Of course, that "existing use" hasn't been in active use for at least a decade so I'm not sure if they can claim an exception based on that.

Would it be appropriate for a "live-work" space for certain kinds of office purposes? What about some retail with limited traffic?

Interested buyers should call Gerry at 303-758-2711. Folks interested in zoning should comment here to share your thoughts and watch the Denver zoning announcements for any appeals for different uses.



there is a new owner who plans a major renovation and three units for sale; has received Landmark approval and is ready to go

however this does not include the two story building to the south; that is for sale separately, but it is in terrible condition according to a realtor who has walked through it recently; from the outside you can see the facade seems ready to buckle