the scoop on the Webber Theater (formerly Kitty's)

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construction permits have appeared, workers have been seen hauling material out of the building into a dumpster, a small fire broke out yesterday … all this has warmed up interest in the old Webber Theater at 119 S. Broadway, which still sports the Kitty's name though the "adult emporium" abandoned this location a couple of years ago (Pleasures, a similar business but without the "live girls", remains next door)

today from the open back door old hemp ropes could be seen still leading from a pin rail up into the Webber's old stage rigging; in the adjacent dumpster was creepy old peep-show paneling and a scattering of used needles; the man leading the crew of workers in hardhats told me that they were basically cleaning up the interior — opening up the entrance into the old theater, and that because of they fire they'd also be working on the roof; he said this work was to ready the building for sale — that if it weren't sold for retail use the city would make them tear it down

the Denver Public Library's excellent Digital Collection has a handful of photos of the Webber in its heyday in the 1940s