update on coyotes in Baker

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this is the coyote that was in our yard daily for more than a week; the picture was taken during a mid-day rain — when dry the coyote looks a lot less scruffy than this; we hazed it extensively and have seen no sign of it since a little over a week ago, but we did hear that people had seen it farther south, on Byers, and that's the direction it was headed when we last hazed it; read on for more coyote exploits and how to deal with coyotes in the neighborhood

this coyote killed and ate a semi-feral cat that several neighbors on the 100 block of W. Archer Pl. had taken care of for years; the coyote also spent a lot of time eating our ornamental grasses and then puking them up; we have heard that a few other neighbors are missing cats, but no definitive killings; we also heard one report that a coyote recently charged at a medium-sized dog in Dailey park; as the photo attests, this coyote is active during the day as well as the night

if you see this coyote, haze it; do not leave pet food out, nor garbage accessible; if you know of neighbors who let cats or small dogs out, especially at night, let them know about the coyote; coyotes can jump tall fences and they are very fast

Denver city government has a pretty good page of advice, along with coyote-bites-human stats and also a PDF of detailed coyote-hazing instructions; for us, yelling, lunging forward, banging cans, raising our arms, stomping, and throwing gravel seem to have finally scared it away, but it took several rounds

previous to this the only coyotes i had seen in Baker were near 1st and Inca about a year ago; if you've seen a coyote in Baker, please leave a comment saying when and where