the geography of Baker tweets

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MapBox has teamed with Gnip to build powerful visualizations of Twitter data, giving us a fresh way to look at the geography of Baker…

this image is from an interactive map of tweets made from mobile devices, centered on Baker; 6th Ave & Mississippi are at top & bottom, Broadway/Lincoln are on the right and the diagonals of I-25 and the light rail are clearly visible

from the tracery, people apparently tweet quite often while driving (or being driven) on the highway; surprisingly, they tweet quite a bit less while riding light rail; there are also some notable but unsurprising concentrations of tweets at the Alameda and Broadway light rail stations as well as at three hot spots on Broadway — the lunch spots near 6th, the 1st Ave. area (Hornet, Mayan, Punch Bowl, etc.) and just south of Ellsworth (Sputnik, Hi Dive, 3 Kings, etc.)

why do you suppose there is a distinct concentration of Android users tweeting from somewhere near the Ross-Broadway library? or could it be Thai Monkey club? the laundromat?