Baker's biggest park: Dailey or Milstein?

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most people think Dailey Park is the biggest park in Baker, but another park, Phil Milstein Park, is tucked into the extreme northwestern corner of Baker's boundaries; it's a long, skinny park tucked against the South Platte River; if you reach it by normal means (the Platte River Trail), you actually have to leave Baker to get to it

but how big is Milstein? how big is Dailey?

i coudn't find figures on the acreage, but i was able to get maps of the parks (see below); in this image, you see the two parks in green, scaled identically despite the difference in type size; then in purple, Dailey has been sliced up and overlaid onto Phil Milstein; so if Phil Milstein were a worm and Dailey were rectangular chunks of worm food, there's no question: Milstein could have Dailey for lunch!

where did these maps come from? has been redesigned a bit lately, so a lot of links to old pages have broken; here's a current link to the Find a Denver Park page, with a Google map and quick info on all the parks, plus links to download a detailed map of any park in the city


routes to phil milstein

Tresspassers can get there by going on the train tracks through a freeway overpass, but I think it's possible to get to the park from the Alameda ramp, isn't it? Or does that only get you to the west side of the river, which is technically outside of Baker?

yeah, i've been meaning to

yeah, i've been meaning to try the "Bootlegger's " route sometime ...

via Alameda, you do cross the river out of Baker and into the Valverde neighborhood 1 before turning north onto the Platte River Trail, which is on the west side of the river at that point; farther north the trail crosses a bridge to the east side of the river (back into Baker) before reaching Phil Milstein Park

  1. this Valverde Wikipedia page has a picture of the trail bridge taken from Baker, by the way