ampersands on Broadway #8: a new address for a dress?

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detail of a child’s dress recently for sale at Compassion Thrift Store, 414 Broadway (spotted by Loretta K.)

this is our most enigmatic ampersand yet: a post-modern combination of birds in flight, dapper foxes with helium balloons, lace fringe, and the word — not the glyph — Ampersand in a typeface a step above Comic Sans; we can only imagine how this has influenced the children who’ve worn it; it may still be there waiting to be worn again

Compassion Thrift Store recently replaced Safari Seconds (which moved to 738 Peoria in Aurora), and is still working to fill its racks with resale clothing, books, furniture and other goods; you can bring donations to the store or call 303-945-2999

(eighth in a series — typography on Broadway may be intimate or visible for miles; focusing on the sightings of ampersands is both a simple delight and a way to illustrate the diversity of experience in Baker)