1st & Broadway vacancy

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the question of this property's future is illuminated by a large sign


What's the low down on the Big Lots building?

Does anyone know what's going on with the building? I saw this in the Westwood ... http://blogs.westword.com/cafesociety/2010/09/big_lots_on_broadway_to_be... ... but it seems like Big Lots was going to be a lot of things. Any insight?

liquor and cabaret licenses applied for

the developer who plans the bowling allley/bistro has a lease option and has reportedly applied for a hotel/restaurant and live music cabaret liquor licenses within the last week or so; i think he plans to open mid 2011; the Westword article talks of a 24/7 operation, but the developer has since said it would close at 2 a.m.

the adjoining property to the south, 55 Broadway, is also now potentially an improv club plus restaurant; a hotel/restaurant liquor and dance cabaret license application was submitted early December and should have been posted on the property yesterday; 20 January 2011 is the hearing date for that property