Phil Milstein Park and Platte Trail


United States
39° 43' 23.5092" N, 105° 0' 45.8352" W

The Platte river recreation trail enters the Baker neighborhood right at several "extreme" points in the neighborhood. This area is:

  • The lowest altitude in the neighborhood
  • The Westernmost point
  • The Northwestern corner
  • One of the most difficult places to get to in the whole neighborhood
  • One of the biggest green spaces in the neighborhood


All this changes can make

All this changes can make more for that part it was really a good start. - Kris Krohn


The Platte River Trail is just one of many of Denver's superb multi-use trails which is stretching in the north palette river. I do love adventurous journey’s very much and hence places like Phil Milstein Park. what is crm software

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