Gates Rubber Factory - "Cherokee Development" Project

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Former Gates Rubber Factory Denver, CO
United States
39° 41' 53.4516" N, 104° 59' 20.0904" W

Spanning a broad swath of land, the former Gates Rubber Factory forms almost the entirety of the Baker Neighborhood's southern end (when considering the boundaries of Broadway to the Platte, South to Mississippi). The plant was once home to a bustling rubber factory supplying tires and hoses to various industries. It's not surprising that a rubber factory of yesteryear is now home to pollution and dangerous materials along with factory structures and mechanical equipment (water tower, pipes) that provide no value to modern industry and service businesses.

The property is split into chunks by the railroad lines. 24 Acres of relatively undeveloped land lie between the railroad, Santa Fe, Mississippi, and I-25. 16 Acres of the most densely used land lie between Broadway, the railroad, Mississippi, and the RTD station.


This is a Denver landmark

This is the last of Denver's industrial past. This should be preserved as a landmark. Please do not demolish the rest of the building for it is truely a wonderful sight. It give character to the Denver skyline and it would be a great insult to the city and the history of Denver should it be torn down. You have already demolished more than half of the complex, but at least let this one stand. There are many people who do want this place standing.

Delapidated factory a landmark?

Are you out of your mind? The cost alone of refurbishing the factory would be enormous, and for what value? I get refurbishing downtown lodo warehouses, and turning them into resturants/ lofts.... this is a rubber factory.... seriously, what o you suggest turning it into... A museum for rubber manufacturing techniques?

How about making the site useful by offering services, entertainment venues, and other amenities for the people that live in the area, let businesses have a place to stimulate commerce, and inject jobs as well as tax revenue to the city. Right now, as it sits, the factory is an eye sore, and a gaping target for vandalism.

That's exactly what's

That's exactly what's happening in my city. We have a run down warehouse that used make silk hosiery back in war time, now it's "gaping target for vandalism". I happen to live across the street so I'm able to get a first hand look and experience. I would much rather see something that would be tourist attractions for the city. Not only would it promote revenue for the city but would supply jobs for the city also. Right now we are hovering at a 10.75% unemployment.