What is the spirit of "South Broadway"? 5280 Magazine lets us know

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The 5280 magazine has a guide to Denver neighborhoods. They seem to have ignored most other designations of neighborhood boundaries, mixed WWPNA and Baker together, and designated a "South Broadway"

South Broadway / Fringe:
Are they hip? Or grunge? One thing's for sure: They'll travel across town for a $2 PBR. Spend afternoons looking for the best tattoo, scruffiest beard, or largest ear piercing.

What do you think? Can you discern the boundaries in their "infographic"?


i know i spent a lot of

i know i spent a lot of afternoons in the stores on South Broadway before i purchased my scruffy beard

i think 5280 is just feeding us link-bait; most of those misdrawn neighborhoods are spendy!