welcome to Baker, Wood Partners

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i suppose the irony escaped the developers of the 388-unit “Alta Alameda Station” apartment complex that will replace the old Denver Soundstage — in Spanish, Alta Alameda means roughly “high tree-lined boulevard” or “high walkway under the trees”, and yet the huge, healthy trees that were a landmark at this edge of Baker’s residential area are now gone

huge trees felled

the Baker Neighborhood Plan had even used a photo of these same trees standing above their deep treelawn as an illustration of the type of streetscape desired if this part of the neighborhood were to be redeveloped



Representatives from Wood will be at July's BHNA meeting. I'm planning on attending!
Hi Sharon,

Here’s the information on the meeting in July. We’ll be making a presentation at the monthly meeting of the Baker Historic Neighborhood Association (you are probably already familiar with them).

Date: July 10, 2012
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Location: Hirschfeld Tower Community Room (1st Floor), 333 W. Ellsworth Ave.

city ordinance on trees

Does the city ordinance to protect trees during redevelopment not apply here? Those trees were mature, large, and healthy--an irreplaceable asset to that property. They weren't set back that far from the street, either. It's an insult to the neighborhood and neighbors should return the favor by objecting f they ask for any variances.

they did go through the City Forester

Daniel, the developer's project engineer told BHNA President Amanda Snitker that they went through the City Forester; i don't know the details but there appears to be a question whether Xcel Energy or the developer made the determination to remove the trees

it is unlikely the development will need a variance because the zoning there was updated to U-RX-5 (medium density residential mixed use) when New Code Denver was approved, but hopefully the developer will be in a mood to work with the neighbors when they come to the meeting on 10 July

Wood Partners 'mood'

Perhaps it is time for Wood Partners to understand that neighborhood mood might matter too. If they have acted this way already, they will surely do it again. It is also time for them to start answering some questions about asbestos abatement. Anyone else see the clouds of asbestos laden dust they released into the neighborhood last week?


I was unable to make it to the meeting earlier this week. Does anyone have a report on what they presented?


I didn't get to go either, and was hoping for a post here about it. The developers have obviously been proceeding at full speed. Never did get any answers from the city about asbestos abatement, which suggests they aren't worried about it. Looks like the project will simply continue. I called the city traffic engineers office about their trucks using my short stretch of W. Maple, and it stopped immediately. That may be all that can be done - make them behave according to the rules and call them out when they don't. I'll never forgive them for the trees though.


The city forester says they tried to stop the tree cutting but had no legal tools. The forester's also confirms that the trees were healthy and came down only for the convenience of the developer. That is the action of a a bad neighbor. These guys don't care about the neighborhood in the least. They want to do their nasty project and get out. Just wait until their unsuspecting victims, er, clients have to deal with the train noise. I'm betting THAT isn't in the sales brochures.

Tree Loss

I live on the corner of Byers and Cherokee and these were beautiful trees that added to the neighborhood. It was sad to see them go. I'm pretty sure they are going to push a 4 story building right up to the corner of the cherokee-alameda intersection so they had to take the trees out. Well, there goes our mountain views and afternoon sun. Maybe some train noise will be blocked?