surprising Stuff

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nestled below a billboard and a cell-phone tower on an unwelcoming stretch of South Santa Fe Drive is a real surprise …

detail of stained glass by Pete Adams

"Stuff", the sign reads, and lists a few kinds of stuff; "starting at $1.00"

thick old walls and green stucco of 264 S. Santa Fe make the little building stand out, but nothing on the outside prepares a visitor for the little wonderland within — shelf after shelf of off-beat pop-culture toys. from a cloth Pee-Wee Herman doll to plastic models of the spines that wriggled out of the bodies of victims in a horror film, along with slightly more mainstream toy subjects as Speed Racer, the Beatles and myriad vintage game boards to bring it back to Earth

as a secret stash of strange toys, Stuff is worth a visit, but there's more — the store also holds a variety of vintage home accessories from modernist to kitsch, at prices that really do start at one dollar; and in almost complete contrast to everything else, the building also contains the stained glass studio of proprietor Pete Adams, where he assembles meticulous pieces — a few are classic but most of the work is contemporary, including very unusual "three-dimensional" glass pieces

detail of stained glass by Pete Adams

Stuff is open 10 to 4 Tuesday through Friday, and noon to 4 on Saturdays


Fine Workmanship

As one who has dabbled in the art of stained glass, I'd like to note the fine craftsmanship I see in Pete's wonderful works of art.
Good luck with the new store.