openings on Broadway - Happy Coffee, Gary Lee's, Adrift

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three new businesses have opened on Broadway since the end of April; all had lingered past their optimistic original opening dates, but the lingering prize goes to appropriately-named Adrift, which obtained its liquor license in 2006 and then sat empty for years with a petulant note in the window, “if banks would loan …”:

  • Happy Coffee opened on Friday, 27 April, serving espresso as well as Chemex, AeroPress, cold drip and other interesting styles of brew — emphasis on authenticity; also sweets from Sugar Bakeshop and an awesome view of a busy Broadway corner from the custom-built minimalist seating and tables; Happy Coffee moved to Baker from its former home within Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop across town; the Salvagetti Annex, a bike parts & repair shop, also opened this spring around the corner at 8 W. Ellsworth
  • we walked into Gary Lee’s Motor Club & Grub Saturday, 28 April for what turned out to be an informal “soft opening” prompted by a Sailor Jerry promotion; we didn’t eat or drink but the premises are quite spiffy, including live bamboo in the patio and chandeliers made from pistons; Gary Lee’s is now formally open, serving “world cuisine mixed with smoked meat and comfort food”
  • a tiki-themed bar, Adrift, at 218 S. Broadway had previously floated the names Denver Tiki, Tikiwood and the Voodoo Room and Mauka Tiki; Adrift still has no signage, but you can locate it by looking for an imposing blue hut (a deconstructionist vision of the Convention Center’s blue bear?) squatting on the sidewalk and hiding the front door

still in limbo

Denver Eater reports that the long-awaited Punch Bowl at 1st & Broadway may open in June, but if so it will have to move fast; moving more quickly is TRVE Brewing, whose brewing vessels and fresh paint are visible through the windows at 227 Broadway

Denver Distillery is taking its time crafting a small batch distillery at 244 S. Broadway, where the premises promise to be as interesting as the liquor; also in slow motion, but not seeming very crafty at all, is 5 Star Burgers, a chain whose 6th & Broadway store will eventually open in the former home of locally-owned Kokoro

closings too

Michaelangelo’s shut its doors suddenly in the last month; an artist who had just hung his work on the walls was called and told to take it back immediately; no word on new tenants for the 1 Broadway space

and Denver Book Fair, 44 S. Broadway, has had a seemingly perpetual closing sale, but that’s only fitting after 35 years in business; Broadway’s reputation for used book stores, once celebrated by Sunset Magazine, is in a slow decline, but the story is far from over: Mutiny Now, Fahrenheit’s Books and Broadway Book Mall are still doing well