a little linkblogging: Rateliff ponders Baker's evolution, Crazy Mountain becomes a big brewer, Meininger's new art wall

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all courtesy of Westword:

  • Crazy Mountain has moved into the newly-vacated Breckenridge Brewing facility; with this move plus their existing Edwards facility, Crazy Mountain can brew five times their 2014 production; their beers are almost never seen in Denver, so there's speculation about whether they'll also be contract-brewing or what… and will they open the brewpub? no firm announcement yet
  • we knew Meinenger Art Supply had requested a permit to put several murals on the wall facing their north parking lot, now Westword has pictures of the work in progress, plus the artists' other work
  • Nathaniel Rateliff reflects on changes in Baker (i wish he had bought when he could afford it too)