large housing development to replace Denver Studio Complex at 275 S. Cherokee

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multiple outlets yesterday announced that Wood Partners plans to build a 388-unit "community" to be named Alta Alameda Station at the site of the former Denver Studio Complex; construction is to begin "early May 2012", presumably with the demolition of the large studio complex, where the Perry Mason television series was filmed

most sites reporting this so far (including the Denver Post) are so far simply reciting a press release on Marketwire

note this press release suffers from the "realtor reality distortion field" — the location is in the Baker Neighborhood, but not within the Baker Historic District ("historic Baker district" sic); it is also not "directly across the street from the Alameda Light Rail station", as there is a large Upsher-Smith chemical manufacturing facility between the site and the station

this site has been eyed for a few years as a transit-oriented development location, as it is close to the Alameda Light Rail Station and the planned redevelopment of most of the area south of Alameda (the Denver Design District)

faced with previous proposals for housing at this site, Baker residents have expressed concern about the awkward and dangerous-seeming intersection of Cherokee and Alameda, fearing that motorists may find it easier to cut through the neighborhood streets rather than entering Alameda directly; the recent "Alameda Station Transit-Oriented Development Infrastructure Plan" gave this prospect little attention

pedestrians and bicyclists have more to hope for, however, since the city is actively looking at reclaiming the unused, 90-foot-wide railroad bridge for bicycle/pedestrian access to Light Rail to the south


found another article on the project

i have no idea why the World Interior Design Network would care about the Alta project, but a new article from that source has details that make it sound like a joke — oval soaking tubs, serenity/meditation room, dog wash, grilling area with flat panel TV displays — these new apartments will be a true utopia!

… this should at least satisfy those who were afraid that a low-income housing project was going to bring down the neighborhood