Doors Open Denver - Baker sites among city-wide architecture tours

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each year the free Doors Open Denver event invites citizens to visit buildings or parts of buildings they might not otherwise see; all sites have at least a volunteer guide, some require reservations in advance; several of this year's sites are in or adjacent to Baker, including

the official site is awkward to navigate, but the PDF Program Guide is a good place to start, and here is a custom zoom at the DenverMaps site that includes the Doors Open Denver sites in Baker and surroundings



someone at tonight's BHNA meeting said they thought Watermark (warning, Flash & atrocious typography) at 4th and Acoma had a Doors Open Denver tour; i can't find any specifics, though they did have a tour last year; if you know more, please post a comment

yes, Watermark has a tour

it's not on the PDF guide, but it is on this page 2009 Expert Tours

i will not rehash the listing for this tour, as it is pure sales drivel


The typography hardly seems atrocious.

you're right, Anonymous

it doesn't look as bad today -- i change browser settings a lot, so it might have been something on my end, or they may have updated the site; when i viewed it earlier, the type style at the bottom was garish (and i didn't even look at the Flash animation until today)

anyhow, my reaction was genuine, but i've adjusted my comment based on how i see it now (and apologies for the misspelling)