Denver Urban Homesteading farmers' market begins 21 November

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Denver Urban Homesteading aims to bring new life to a lonely stretch of Santa Fe Drive with Denver's first indoor farmers' market, open every Saturday beginning 21 November, 2009; the location will also serve as an educational center offering lectures, seminars and supplies for city-dwellers who raise life of all kinds

the farmers' market will include ...

Food and agricultural products:

Mini Moos: goat cheese and milk
Uptain Farms: meats, raw goat cheese
and milk shares
Lee’s Bees: raw honey
Ela Family Farms: cider, dried apples,
applesauce, jams and apple butter
Callicrate Beef: high-quality beef
Fiona’s Natural Foods: granola, energy bars, gluten free quinoa crunch
Wisdom Poultry: free-range turkeys
Mountain Valley Canning: sauerkraut, horseradish, and bread and butter pickles
Big B’s: juices and ciders made from a balance of sweet and tart apples
DUH: organic chicken feed & additives

Food and agricultural art:

Lena Owens: framed fish and vegetables
Paula Bard: framed chicken portraits
Ginny Abblett: fruit placemats

Housing for egg producers:

Fitz Coops: sustainable, beautiful and high-quality chicken coops
DUH Coops: affordable & comfy living