Crime rates around the old Gates Factory Cherokee Development?

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A visitor to the site asked:

I am a community social work student at DU looking to find out more about
crime rates and incidences of the Gates Rubber factory/lot in recent years.
Would you have any insight as to where I could find out more information?

I believe that the Denver police department has a statistics group that can provide crime statistics with latitude, longitude, and nature of the crime over time. This report may have a nominal fee associated with it.

The West Wash Park neighborhood association obtained some of these reports. You can see the July 2007 report which shows some crime near the Gates property.


i think crime at the factory

i think crime at the factory site itself will be fairly uninteresting as the site itself is empty and subject mostly to petty vandalism and trespassing by "adventurers", not crimes that have much impact on people in the surrounding residential neighborhoods; plus the police reports will likely locate all the crimes at nearby intersections

if you mean to look at statistics in the areas surrounding the factory, then the Denver city government provides some valuable resources described and linked from this page

i can't get the statistics link to load at the moment, but the mapping link (which has you click through a disclaimer about how the info may be unreliable), is very rich, for example i requested a map of crimes within 2000 feet of Broadway and Mississippi between 25 Aug 2010 and today (if that doesn't load for you, start at the first page, click through, and create your own search); the table below the map could be pasted into a spreadsheet for more analysis

beyond that, the memo linked was created by the Denver Police Department, so you may want to contact them to see if they do that level of analysis regularly; i believe the police district that includes the former Gates factory is District 4