Buffalo Doughboy Bakery

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Buffalo Doughboy Bakery is an amazing breakfast location. They provide coffee and other typical early morning treats, but the major reason to head to Buffalo Doughboy is their amazing pastries. Sweet, savory, veggie-filled, the pastries are all crisp and fluffy and absolutely delicious.

My favorites: asiago and prosciutto or the "crocodile" which is cinnamon, sugar, apples, and pecans.

Critiques of Buffalo Doughboy

I've heard complaints about the quality of the service and of the pastries. In my experience the service has always been decent - especially since they hired the woman with dreadlocks.

The pastries are flaky on the outside and doughy in the middle - that suits me perfectly, but not everyone likes it.


Most Fabulous Bakery!

We just recently became dedicated customers of Buffalo Doughboy because we have savored every item we have tried so far (my husband goes there every Saturday morning now). Have never seen or tasted croissants so marvelous!!! The pastries are divine as well. Looking forward to trying everything they have to offer!