Baker is E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G !

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it's easy to become jaded at how perception of Baker as an area changes over time; a few examples:

  • when it comes to nightlife, and those wanting to live near it, the "Baker District" seems to mean anything within a few blocks of Broadway from 6th to Alameda (you may find "South Broadway" used well north of Ellsworth, the north/south divide in the street naming system; however this has a historical basis)
  • the Baker Historic Neighborhood Association, by its name and by the "Historic Baker District" plaques it sells, has encouraged confusion about which parts of Baker are a designated Historic District (only about half of the residential area, and none of Broadway)
  • and some realtors have tripped over themselves to apply the "Baker" or "Baker Historic" label to properties well outside the neighborhood — until today i'd seem them as far east as Logan St. and as far north as 8th Ave.

now comes a "Lovely 1bd in hip historic Baker" on craigslist; "This place is in the heart of the upcoming and hip Baker area," reads the listing (which may be gone by the time you read this); the location? "Emerson at Speer"

in case it isn't obvious, Emerson at Speer is eight blocks east of Baker's eastern boundary, Broadway (Baker Historic Neighborhood Association claims an additional block, to Lincoln); the city's boundaries place Emerson at Speer within the Speer neighborhood, and the West Washington Park Neighborhood Association also covers this intersection on the south side of Speer


for further amusement, a new

for further amusement, a new craigslist rental listing advertises "… apartment located in the heart of the Baker neighborhood … The building is located at Ellsworth and Sherman …"