Argyll gastropub coming to Broadway, but where?

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Robert Thompson (whose Punch Bowl bowling alley/bistro is under construction in the former Big Lots at 1st & Broadway) has closed his Argyll "gastropub" in Cherry Creek and according to Westword he plans to reopen Argyll "a few blocks from the Punch Bowl ... at an undisclosed address" in a "new buildout ... on a 6,000-square-foot-plus parcel"; the Denver Post (last item in article) is a little more specific — it reports the new Argyll on Broadway will be 4500 sq. ft. with a 1000-square-foot "courtyard in the back", and will be 2 blocks south of Punch Bowl

so where could that be? ...

the only truly vacant land roughly fitting this description is the empty lot north of the Webber Theater at Bayaud and S. Broadway; that lot is four blocks south of Punch Bowl, but doing the math based on address numbers could make someone think it was only two blocks from 1st & Broadway to 101 S. Broadway

other than that, there are a few available buildings; the one that seems to best fit the two descriptions is 13 S. Broadway, the former Theatre on Broadway, where a real estate sign says "6000 sq. ft."; the building has recently been gutted, so it's ready for a complete remodel, however there is no "in back" for a courtyard


seems like a nice idea

I like Argyll's menu/drink selection quite a bit. This seems like it would be a nice addition to the neighborhood, especially if they are going to fill a currently vacant building/lot.

It does seem like "yet another liquor license" which is not without drawbacks from my perspective.

someone knowledgeable about

someone knowledgeable about the block told me that the while 13 S. Broadway is under contract to a buyer, the parking lot in front of it — between Hi-Dive and Goodwill — is separately slated for a completely new structure; that may be Argyll’s destination

My dad bid on this job and I

My dad bid on this job and I guess they gave it to a Minneapolis contractors company instead. I'm not sure if it's going to be at the S. Broadway area, but it's definitely a new structure going up. Is the Webber theater still vacant? That would've been a great location.

6000 square feet would be

6000 square feet would be plenty for a great Irish Pub - I visit Denver a couple times a year as my sister has recently moved there...I have been to the GastroPub and absolutely love it though I heard that it closed down...:(