4-letter shops in the works

businesses with four-letter names are popping up on Broadway; one in a space formerly occupied by a business with a four-letter name; also some related news for businesses with longer names …

  • as noted by Westword, TRVE Brewing plans to open in the space at 227 Broadway formerly occupied by Rule gallery (Rule is now at 3340 Walnut, and still showing national as well as regional artists); from the article, it seems like this will be a “brewery with tasting room” rather than a full brewpub; it will not be, as the owner suggests in the article, Baker’s first brewery, but it will be unique for the moment in tying together Broadway's two big selling points: liquor and local

  • both Fancy Tigers (Clothing and Crafts), mainstays of Broadway’s ongoing revival, are moving in January to the renovated building at 55 Broadway; joining them in an adjacent space will be the new main Denver store of Buffalo Exchange; none of these has a four-letter name, but because of this move …

  • SEWN plans to open January 2012 in the former Fancy Tiger Clothing space at 18 S. Broadway, where they will sell handmade clothing

  • we don’t know what this one’s name will be, but bike has four letters and so does java … we expect a purist coffee shop affiliated with Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop to take the place of Fancy Tiger Crafts at 1 S. Broadway

  • and MAUKA tiki sort of qualifies for this list, opening a bar for luau-lovers in the long-shuttered building at 218 S. Broadway this month; again, Westword has the scoop; you may have seen the facade progress from bare brick to plywood to bare steel to light blue over last few months

let us know if we missed any four-letter newcomers


Gary Lee's too

Gary Lee's Motor Club & Grub, under construction at 176 S. Broadway, is a quadruple-member of the upcoming Broadway 4-letter business names club

Happy Coffee

it's not another four-letter name, but Westword reports that the new coffee shop at 1 S. Broadway will be “Happy Coffee”, and further research reveals that the excellent espresso bar currently inside Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop is indeed moving to Broadway

how observant

How observant of you to notice shops with only 4 letters? It would be hard for them to get their names registered these days though. Thanks for sharing.

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Precisely how observant associated with Passbeemedia you to observe merchants having merely several letters? It might be tricky to enable them to get their brands authorized right now even though. Thanks pertaining to giving.

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