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An Occasional Vegetarian in the Brewery Bar II

The Brewery Bar is famous for having "Denver's best green chile" so I was a little disappointed by the menu's lack of vegetarian options: none of the chiles are vegetarian and few of the dishes are.

Now that said, the food was still delicious. I had a chicken enchilada with enchilada sauce (which is vegetarian) and my lunch-mate had a chile relleno (served as a strip of peper and cheese deep fried rather than the more traditional "stuffed" pepper style).

Sputnik Denver: Music + Bar + Restaunt = Happy Customers

Sputnik is a mix of three things: a bar, a restaurant, and a music venue. Amazingly, it does a good job of mixing the three things into one relatively small location.

Delicious Dinner at Sputnik

We had three delicious parts to our dinner:

  • Arépes Ecuadorian corn cakes filled with cheese and topped with veggies.
  • Sweet potato fries Which come with the choice of sauces, we got three: chimichurri, especial sauce, and banana-ketchup sauce. The banana-ketchup sauce was kind of like baby food but also amazingly good (in a weird way).
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