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welcome to Baker, Wood Partners


i suppose the irony escaped the developers of the 388-unit “Alta Alameda Station” apartment complex that will replace the old Denver Soundstage — in Spanish, Alta Alameda means roughly “high tree-lined boulevard” or “high walkway under the trees”, and yet the huge, healthy trees that were a landmark at this edge of Baker’s residential area are now gone

huge trees felled

healthy old trees felled at Wood Partners "Alta Alameda Station"


several large trees were downed as redevelopment of the old Denver Soundstage property began

afternoon snack

this small falcon, tentatively identified as a female merlin, snacks on a sparrow during an unseasonably warm December afternoon in an apple tree near West Archer Pl. and South Bannock

[update: a knowledgeable commenter identifies this as a sharp-shinned hawk]

how the City of Denver can help you dispose of broken tree limbs

did you know that Denver Solid Waste Management collects up to 10 bundles of tree branches per week per customer?

the heavy snow earlier this month, and now the strong winds the last few days, have dropped many limbs into yards and treelawns in Baker and the rest of Denver; so now's a good time to brush up on how to dispose of tree branches with the city's help; for collection, branches must be:

  • no larger than 4 inches in diameter
  • cut into lengths of 4 feet or less
  • tied into bundles of no more than 40 pounds

Rita Bass deforested!

this morning workers were removing at least a dozen healthy trees from the treelawn and lawn of the Rita Bass Trauma and Emergency Medical Services Education Institute; requested info from public_relations(at) but no response yet ...

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