state legislature

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Breckenridge Brewery's in-state expansion stymied by legislature

Baker's Breckenridge Brewery will feel the immediate effect of a legislative maneuver, and won't be able to build a new brewery within Colorado; as the Denver Business Journal reports, the state legislature has quashed a bill that would have allowed brewpubs to brew more than 60,000 barrels per year

legislative districts finalized—how they affect Baker

when we previously covered the process of redistricting, new state legislative districts seemed likely to fragment Baker; now, after considerable gnashing the final result keeps Baker somewhat more whole …

get face time with Baker’s reps at monthly town halls

on the evening of Wednesday, 18 Jan., State Representative Mark Ferrandino with State Senators Pat Steadman and Irene Aguilar held a town hall meeting at Hirschfeld Towers, 333 W. Ellsworth (Ferrandino’s previous town hall meetings had been held at the Athmar Library); approximately 40 people attended

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