south platte river

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phases of the Valley Highway EIS

this graphic from page 10 of the Valley Highway EIS is annotated to highlight the first four phases of construction and the proposed Bayaud bike/ped bridge

getting to the South Platte River from Baker

the South Platte River Greenway has miles of bicycle/pedestrian trails and connections to other trails; it is a major recreation and transportation asset to the Baker neighborhood, but have you ever tried to get to the Platte River Trail from Baker? if you have, you know your choices are awkward and limited

ped/bike bridges in the Alameda Station Area Plan

this graphic from page 21 of the Alameda Station Area Plan is annotated with the locations of new bicycle/pedestrian bridges the plan supports

Baker's westernmost residents live here

this encampment is as far west as anyone resides in Baker at the moment; it is located on the hill between Phil Milstein Park and the 6th Ave to southbound I-25 on-ramp in the far northwestern corner of the Baker Neighborhood; this spot is more or less aligned with 5th Ave., so it is not Baker's northernmost residence

under the white tarp is where people sleep; nearby are piles of bike parts and other items, some protected by tarps and some strewn down the hill into the brush

Baker's southernmost residents live here

this tent, a few feet from Baker's extreme southwest corner at the Mississippi Avenue bridge over South Platte River, surely houses Baker's southernmost residents; at the time of the snapshot no one was home at this very vulnerable-looking campsite, close to rushing traffic on both the bridge and northbound Santa Fe Dr.

8th annual Platte River Half Marathon to be held 11 April

the Platte River Half Marathon will begin in downtown Littleton at 9 a.m. on 11 April and proceed up the multi-use trail on the South Platte River to the Buckhorn Exchange at 10th & Osage; the trail will be open to other users during the marathon, so Phil Milstein Park would be an interesting spot from which to watch the race

if any Baker residents are competing, let us know so we can cheer you on!

more info at the official race site

11 Apr 2010 - 9:00am - 12:00pm

River South Greenway Master Plan

Baker's western boundary is the South Platte River, and of all Denver's neighborhoods Baker may have the longest frontage on the river; yet due to the Valley Highway (I-25), Santa Fe Drive and the railroad, Baker's riverfront is almost completely inaccessible

citizen comments cover a draft map of the River South Greenway Master Plan

attendees of the 9 Sept. 2009 public meeting regarding the River South Greenway Master Plan were invited to stick comments onto the draft maps

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