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update on coyotes in Baker

this is the coyote that was in our yard daily for more than a week; the picture was taken during a mid-day rain — when dry the coyote looks a lot less scruffy than this; we hazed it extensively and have seen no sign of it since a little over a week ago, but we did hear that people had seen it farther south, on Byers, and that's the direction it was headed when we last hazed it; read on for more coyote exploits and how to deal with coyotes in the neighborhood

coyote near Bannock & Archer — watch your cats!

we just returned from a trip to find this coyote lurking under our deck near Bannock & Archer; our housesitter thought it was a wolf-dog hybrid and has seen it in the area since 5 May; a feral cat we tend has disappeared, and another neighbor cat suddenly stopped hanging around ...

keep your cats in, don't leave any pet food outside, be careful with your small dogs too!

Denver's top traffic accident sites are in Baker

Kevin Flynn's Inside Lane, an interesting blog about Colorado transportation issues, notes top traffic accident locations in Denver; in November's ranking, the top three are along Baker's stretch of I-25:

  • 27 accidents at I-25 & 6th Avenue
  • 20 accidents at I-25 & Santa Fe Drive
  • 20 accidents at I-25 & Alameda Avenue
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