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a little linkblogging: Rateliff ponders Baker's evolution, Crazy Mountain becomes a big brewer, Meininger's new art wall

all courtesy of Westword:

  • Crazy Mountain has moved into the newly-vacated Breckenridge Brewing facility; with this move plus their existing Edwards facility, Crazy Mountain can brew five times their 2014 production; their beers are almost never seen in Denver, so there's speculation about whether they'll also be contract-brewing or what… and will they open the brewpub? no firm announcement yet

what goes around comes around

… signs began to appear that middle-income households were moving into Baker, radically altering the neighborhood’s profile. Young white couples and singles, attracted by Baker’s distinctive homes, affordable prices, and convenient location, were apparently buying their first homes in the neighborhood. Many statistical indicators confirm that Baker was, indeed, undergoing revitalization…

after you ponder this description of change in Baker, one that anyone who has been here even a few years would say is familiar, you may be surprised to read the full text (starting on page 85) of Revitalizing America's Cities: Neighborhood Reinvestment and Displacement

13 S. Broadway - former Theatre on Broadway


13 S. Broadway
Denver, CO
United States
39° 43' 0.8652" N, 104° 59' 15" W

this location was Theatre on Broadway, but closed circa 2005; in mid-2011 it is still empty but there has been evidence of demolition work inside

D4 Urban to redevelop Denver Design District & Alameda Marketplace? What about Gates/Cherokee?

The Denver Post has an article talking about some new development plans popping up on Baker's southern end. "D4 Urban LLC" is a partnership formed by Chris Waggett, Warren Cohen, and Jim Frank in February of this year. The general development plan for this area was approved in May of 2009.

layout of new space

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