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cute as a rat terrier - 1978 Swinger 2 by JC Penny

only a few steps north of the afore-pictured monster bike, here is "Swinger 2 by JC Penny" parked at Burnzwell, 108 S. Broadway

its affable owner offered that it was the 1978 model; the small displacement engine means it doesn't require license plates and may be legally parked on the sidewalk

craving attention

unlabeled, unlicensed, ridden only to fetch emergency supplies of butter and milk … but ready to change your life, baby!

owner unavailable for comment on this vehicle parked on the sidewalk outside Certified Customs (tattoo parlor) at 120 S. Broadway

The Underground Music Showcase arriving on Broadway

the 10th edition of The Underground Music Showcase arrives on Broadway 22 through 25 July with a packed schedule including 300 bands at 25 venues, trivia, burlesque and "a party like no other" (to quote the website); many Baker residents will be attending, some will be volunteering, and several will be performing

garden blogger comments on life in Baker

"Frankenoid" is a blogger with a spot on The Daily Kos, a national, mostly political blog; but as revealed in her continuing series of "Saturday Morning Garden Blogging" articles, Frankenoid is a Baker resident, and in a recent post she tackles some of the social issues of life in Baker, particularly the impacts of gardening on our neighbors, and parking concerns near Broadway

Baker's coming parking squeeze

two lots on Broadway help provide parking needed by evening visitors; but these lots aren't public, they are private lots used by the public without any formal arrangement; after the credit union or Big Lots have closed for the night, one or both of these lots might be nearly full with patrons of the Mayan, Three Kings Tavern or any of several other active nightspots on Broadway

recently two events have threatened this status quo

credit union parking lot policy change

new signs at Security Service Credit Union promise trouble to those who've found the ample parking lot convenient for evening visits to Broadway hotspots

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