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the geography of Baker tweets

MapBox has teamed with Gnip to build powerful visualizations of Twitter data, giving us a fresh way to look at the geography of Baker…

this image is from an interactive map of tweets made from mobile devices, centered on Baker; 6th Ave & Mississippi are at top & bottom, Broadway/Lincoln are on the right and the diagonals of I-25 and the light rail are clearly visible

why doesn't light rail serve Baker residents better?

Baker has two light rail stops at its southern, currently non-residential, end: Broadway Station, south of I-25, and Alameda Station at South Cherokee and West Alaska; over the years many have asked,

shouldn’t there be a light rail stop more convenient to Baker residents?

ideas for light rail stations in Baker

map showing current and hypothetical light rail stations relative to Baker's residential area

phases of the Valley Highway EIS

this graphic from page 10 of the Valley Highway EIS is annotated to highlight the first four phases of construction and the proposed Bayaud bike/ped bridge

getting to the South Platte River from Baker

the South Platte River Greenway has miles of bicycle/pedestrian trails and connections to other trails; it is a major recreation and transportation asset to the Baker neighborhood, but have you ever tried to get to the Platte River Trail from Baker? if you have, you know your choices are awkward and limited

motion and stillness

a fire truck idles on Kalamath and a Union Pacific engine idles on a siding while light rail and snow flakes zip along swiftly; taken from the Bolt Factory

Broadway Station RTD lightrail and bus


United States
39° 42' 6.426" N, 104° 59' 24.684" W

The Broadway Station is located at I-25 and Broadway, and provides access to most metro-Denver locations by way of light rail and bus. The park and ride is one of the larger lots, although it can get full during the week.

Alameda Station RTD lightrail and bus


Denver, CO
United States
39° 42' 32.1948" N, 104° 59' 34.2456" W

Located on the south side of Alameda and Cherokee, the Alameda station is one of the bigger stations providing cross-town light rail and bus service and a small park and ride lot. The Alameda Station is closer to residential Baker, but the Broadway Station is one of the biggest interchange stations in Denver.

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