historic artifacts

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ampersands on Broadway #4: Club 404 is no more

Club 404 closed this week for a change in ownership, and presumably a change in style; no word yet whether it will retain its classic 3-dimensional sheet metal sign, with many empty light sockets suggesting a brighter past, but the ampersand here, in a halo of paste and a field of faded red, harks from an era when things lasted longer

(fourth in a series — signage on Broadway may last for decades or a few minutes; focusing on the typographic form of ampersands is both a simple delight and a way to illustrate Baker’s diversity)

ampersands on Broadway #2

founded in 1900 at this location, Johnson Storage & Moving is one of Baker's oldest businesses, but the sign here was repainted no earlier than 1947 when the company became a founding agent of United Van Lines; the subtle quirkiness of the gothic typestyle of the ampersand and the rest of this large nameplate reflect the confidence and of an experienced signpainter, and the simplicity of bygone business era

(second in a series — several of Broadway's newer businesses, as well as some of Broadway’s oldest, have an ampersand in their name; focusing on the typographic form of these ampersands is both a simple delight and a way to illustrate Baker’s merchant diversity)

Amadora Gallery specializes in tribal art

galleries continue to march south along Santa Fe Dr. (and Kalamath St.), rounding out Baker's portion of the Santa Fe Arts District; one new addition is Amadora Gallery at 329 Santa Fe:

Amadora Gallery storefront

Amadora Gallery

329 Santa Fe Dr. - Amadora Gallery


329 Santa Fe Dr.
Denver, CO
United States
39° 43' 17.6268" N, 104° 59' 56.2272" W

in 2011, Amadora Gallery opened in this location

Denver Ironworks Cocherell Coal Chute Patented April 3 1900

This old door on a coal chute for provided coverage and a sturdy entrance point for deliveries of coal used in residential heating. It is located on a home near Ellsworth and Fox.

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