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Denver Urban Homesteading

Denver Urban Homesteading calls itself a "Local Market and Reskilling Center"; the facility houses an indoor, year-round farmers' market open several days a week plus classes and other sustainability events from vegetable fermentation to chicken-keeping

Denver Urban Homesteading was founded by Baker residents James & Irina Bertini, and can be reached at 303-572-3122

Updated landscaping at Brekenridge Brewery and Barbecue

This photo was from a while ago in the summer and the space looks much better now.

They forgot that the first step in laying down new landscaping is to kill all the weeds so the southernmost strip of streetlawn was full of bindweed. They've now fixed that with some rock, at least for a while...

garden blogger comments on life in Baker

"Frankenoid" is a blogger with a spot on The Daily Kos, a national, mostly political blog; but as revealed in her continuing series of "Saturday Morning Garden Blogging" articles, Frankenoid is a Baker resident, and in a recent post she tackles some of the social issues of life in Baker, particularly the impacts of gardening on our neighbors, and parking concerns near Broadway

Denver Urban Homesteading farmers' market begins 21 November

Denver Urban Homesteading aims to bring new life to a lonely stretch of Santa Fe Drive with Denver's first indoor farmers' market, open every Saturday beginning 21 November, 2009; the location will also serve as an educational center offering lectures, seminars and supplies for city-dwellers who raise life of all kinds

the farmers' market will include ...

Food and agricultural products:

Mini Moos: goat cheese and milk
Uptain Farms: meats, raw goat cheese
and milk shares
Lee’s Bees: raw honey

200 Santa Fe Drive - Denver Urban Homesteading


200 Santa Fe Blvd
Denver, CO 80223
United States
39° 43' 10.3764" N, 104° 59' 53.8332" W

one-story brick building at the NE corner of Santa Fe & 2nd

houses Denver Urban Homesteading's farmer's market and related activities

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