forbidden zone

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Baker's westernmost residents live here

this encampment is as far west as anyone resides in Baker at the moment; it is located on the hill between Phil Milstein Park and the 6th Ave to southbound I-25 on-ramp in the far northwestern corner of the Baker Neighborhood; this spot is more or less aligned with 5th Ave., so it is not Baker's northernmost residence

under the white tarp is where people sleep; nearby are piles of bike parts and other items, some protected by tarps and some strewn down the hill into the brush

Baker's southernmost residents live here

this tent, a few feet from Baker's extreme southwest corner at the Mississippi Avenue bridge over South Platte River, surely houses Baker's southernmost residents; at the time of the snapshot no one was home at this very vulnerable-looking campsite, close to rushing traffic on both the bridge and northbound Santa Fe Dr.

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