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ampersands on Broadway #5: reverence for the the Old West inside Fancy Tiger Crafts

Fancy Tiger Crafts’ spacious new home at 59 Broadway opened with the new year, and has been decorated inside with retro signage recalling the simplicity & self-reliance of the Old West, including these two classic ampersands; other decor in the new space includes vintage sewing machines, an old windmill, and of course the immensely varied stock of colorful fabrics, yarns, and myriad other craft supplies

(fifth in a series — signage on Broadway may last for decades or a few minutes; focusing on the typographic form of ampersands is both a simple delight and a way to illustrate Baker’s diversity)

59 Broadway - Fancy Tiger Crafts


59 Broadway St.
Denver, CO
United States
39° 43' 3.9216" N, 104° 59' 14.9928" W

northernmost of three storefronts in a building that had sat empty for several years; home of Fancy Tiger Crafts as of 1 Jan. 2012

Denver Urban Homesteading farmers' market begins 21 November

Denver Urban Homesteading aims to bring new life to a lonely stretch of Santa Fe Drive with Denver's first indoor farmers' market, open every Saturday beginning 21 November, 2009; the location will also serve as an educational center offering lectures, seminars and supplies for city-dwellers who raise life of all kinds

the farmers' market will include ...

Food and agricultural products:

Mini Moos: goat cheese and milk
Uptain Farms: meats, raw goat cheese
and milk shares
Lee’s Bees: raw honey

Piton site holds a trove of Baker demographics

the Piton Foundation, a private foundation benefiting communities, publishes detailed demographics of the Baker neighborhood

the site is full of useful and interesting facts on housing, economics, safety and families, plus some powerful tools for exploring the data; for example the "map" links on each data row load a geographic comparison of Baker with surrounding Denver neighborhoods on the relevant statistic

we'll come back to this one

1. we'll come back to this one ...

we will come back - there is much of value here, and it's also addictive

2. we'll come back to this one ...

more on this later, because it deserves a longer write-up

the Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Home Improvement Outlet

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