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300 Elati St - Humble Pie


300 Elati St
Denver, CO 80223
United States
39° 43' 15.7224" N, 104° 59' 37.7772" W

former corner grocery plans to open 20 Oct 2012 as The Humble Pie Store

ampersands on Broadway #7: Ben at Happy Coffee

Ben Schweizer takes espresso orders at Happy Coffee with an ampersand on his bicep, a burr grinder and Chemex glassware in the background; Ben had a contemplative explanation for how he chose this tattoo, combining his interests in typography, etymology and literature

the form of this ampersand, combining three simple arcs and a line, seems to fit the functional minimalism of Happy Coffee’s furniture and fixtures, but surely Ben carries it with him into more chaotic settings …

the design is a Bryan Angelo Lim creation for the 2010 charity font project FontAid IV, a collection of 400 ampersands to represent the concept of “coming together"

(seventh in a series — typography on Broadway may be intimate or visible for miles; focusing on the typographic form of ampersands is both a simple delight and a way to illustrate Baker’s diversity)

openings on Broadway - Happy Coffee, Gary Lee's, Adrift

three new businesses have opened on Broadway since the end of April; all had lingered past their optimistic original opening dates, but the lingering prize goes to appropriately-named Adrift, which obtained its liquor license in 2006 and then sat empty for years with a petulant note in the window, “if banks would loan …”:

4-letter shops in the works

businesses with four-letter names are popping up on Broadway; one in a space formerly occupied by a business with a four-letter name; also some related news for businesses with longer names …

Sugar Bakeshop

wholesale bakery Sugar Bakeshop teased us for over a year — they had a booth at both this winter's and last winter's Fancy Tiger Holiday Handmade Markets, where they sold impressively good treats and drinks and announced their plans to open a retail shop in Baker …

277 Broadway, Unit B - Sugar Bakeshop


steve harley
277 Broadway, Unit B
denver, CO 80203
United States
39° 43' 13.8648" N, 104° 59' 15.072" W

Sugar Bakeshop opened in this location in 2011

have coffee with a cop at Bardo 15 Feb.

District 4 Police Commander Joe Montoya will be at Bardo Coffee shop, 238 S. Broadway, for a drop-in "coffee with a cop" event from 8-10 a.m. Tuesday, 15 Feb. 2011

"Get answers to your crime and quality-of-life questions and learn about public safety in the City of Denver."

1 S. Broadway - Happy Coffee


1 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
United States
39° 42' 57.2004" N, 104° 59' 15.0396" W

this location houses Happy Coffee, which was formerly within the Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop on Platte St.


this location formerly housed Fancy Tiger Crafts

Waterloo Coffee - When banks loan, we will build and people will work

Waterloo opened a while ago and had plans to expand next door. Soon after they closed the shop and put paper over the windows work seemed to stall out. A few months later they put up this sign which says "When banks loan, we will build and people will work."

Bardo Coffee House "Coming Soon" sign

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