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chicken politics heat up

Baker resident James Bertini has been working to relax the restrictions Denver places on backyard chicken-keeping (YouTube link); in the course of this work he's had a lot of interaction with the city of Denver, and now Face the State reports that some in the city may have conspired to slow the petition effort and exclude James from a $2 million grant application

how the City of Denver can help you dispose of broken tree limbs

did you know that Denver Solid Waste Management collects up to 10 bundles of tree branches per week per customer?

the heavy snow earlier this month, and now the strong winds the last few days, have dropped many limbs into yards and treelawns in Baker and the rest of Denver; so now's a good time to brush up on how to dispose of tree branches with the city's help; for collection, branches must be:

  • no larger than 4 inches in diameter
  • cut into lengths of 4 feet or less
  • tied into bundles of no more than 40 pounds

new code does Baker ... halfway

the District 9 workshop on the new zoning code revealed maps for Baker north of Alameda

download the draft Baker map and see for yourself (1MB PDF); also see the “resource maps” (2.9MB PDF)

the meeting was packed; maps of proposed new zoning, current zoning, existing conditions, etc. were displayed around the room and round tables with large placards invited attendees to sit with their neighbors

read on for a report on the meeting and analysis of the code changes...

new zoning code - Council District 9 followup workshop

followup Council District 9 workshop on the draft new zoning code and draft zoning map; this cover revisions to the draft code and to the draft map revealed at the earlier workshop

location: Asbury Event Center, 3011 Vallejo

new zoning code touches Baker, reveals Main Street plans for Broadway

Denver is presenting its New Zoning Code with a highly interactive community website — city staff are blogging, residents can sign up to comment, updates are fairly regular, and the site actively helps you find information …

new zoning code - Council District 9 workshop

Council District 9 workshop on the draft new zoning code and draft zoning map; this will be the first look at what zones are slated for Baker

location: Asbury Event Center, 3011 Vallejo

Baker in the news

Baker turned up repeatedly this week in two of Denver's better news blogs, WestWord's The Latest Word, and Elevated Voices from 5280 Magazine

interesting events sometimes pop up in these blogs only a day or two before they happen, so this is just a a retrospective ...

Baker highlighted in Post article on zoning code revamp

a Post article today, Denver zoning code revamp afoot, makes a point using Baker as an example:

For instance, the existing code specifies that a new single-family home should be built on a lot of at least 6,000 square feet.
While that might work in "suburban-type" neighborhoods, it doesn't conform to historic areas such as the Baker neighborhood, with smaller lots built on streets laid out in a grid pattern.

Doors Open Denver - Baker sites among city-wide architecture tours

each year the free Doors Open Denver event invites citizens to visit buildings or parts of buildings they might not otherwise see; all sites have at least a volunteer guide, some require reservations in advance; several of this year's sites are in or adjacent to Baker, including

  • a behind-the-scenes at the historic Mayan Theatre on Broadway (Sat & Sun at 9:30 a.m., reservation required)
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