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chicken politics heat up

Baker resident James Bertini has been working to relax the restrictions Denver places on backyard chicken-keeping (YouTube link); in the course of this work he's had a lot of interaction with the city of Denver, and now Face the State reports that some in the city may have conspired to slow the petition effort and exclude James from a $2 million grant application

Denver Urban Homesteading

Denver Urban Homesteading calls itself a "Local Market and Reskilling Center"; the facility houses an indoor, year-round farmers' market open several days a week plus classes and other sustainability events from vegetable fermentation to chicken-keeping

Denver Urban Homesteading was founded by Baker residents James & Irina Bertini, and can be reached at 303-572-3122

chicken lodge by Fitz Coops at 1st weekly indoor farmers market

Fitz Coops showed crafty coops made with recycled materials at Denver Urban Homesteading's indoor farmer's market on 21 November 2009

200 Santa Fe Drive - Denver Urban Homesteading


200 Santa Fe Blvd
Denver, CO 80223
United States
39° 43' 10.3764" N, 104° 59' 53.8332" W

one-story brick building at the NE corner of Santa Fe & 2nd

houses Denver Urban Homesteading's farmer's market and related activities

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