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ampersands on Broadway #4: Club 404 is no more

Club 404 closed this week for a change in ownership, and presumably a change in style; no word yet whether it will retain its classic 3-dimensional sheet metal sign, with many empty light sockets suggesting a brighter past, but the ampersand here, in a halo of paste and a field of faded red, harks from an era when things lasted longer

(fourth in a series — signage on Broadway may last for decades or a few minutes; focusing on the typographic form of ampersands is both a simple delight and a way to illustrate Baker’s diversity)

404 Broadway - Brendan’s


404 Broadway
Denver, CO
United States
39° 43' 21.612" N, 104° 59' 14.9352" W

this location houses Brendan’s, which so far retains the classic Club 404 signage


• home of venerable Club 404, owned by Jerry Feld from 1951 until December 2011
• "Denver Wheel Club 404" made a go of it but the building was sold in November 2012 and the location has been operating as Brendan’s since January 2013

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