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healthy old trees felled at Wood Partners "Alta Alameda Station"

several large trees were downed as redevelopment of the old Denver Soundstage property began

Baker home included in Denver Tour of Solar Homes

the Denver Tour of Solar Homes this Saturday features passive solar renovations by Baker residents Suzanne Gruba & Richard Geiseler; the design is by another Baker resident, Roger Day

we've enjoyed and been inspired by past versions of this tour, which includes several other homes in central Denver as well as outlying areas -- we went self-guided, but a tour bus with lunch is also available

"Faboulus Victorian" (sic) in "Historic Baker"

i'll spare you the whole of the sloppy flyer and the details of this house for sale in Baker ... it's clearly not Victorian (it seems like an unadorned Denver Square with an ill-fitting veneer of grooved stucco)

whether it is Faboulus is open for debate; it has also been "remolded" (so states the flyer twice); and it's in "Historic Baker", the brand in which some realtors are wrapping our neighborhood

snippet of real estate flyer with typo

Doors Open Denver - Baker sites among city-wide architecture tours

each year the free Doors Open Denver event invites citizens to visit buildings or parts of buildings they might not otherwise see; all sites have at least a volunteer guide, some require reservations in advance; several of this year's sites are in or adjacent to Baker, including

  • a behind-the-scenes at the historic Mayan Theatre on Broadway (Sat & Sun at 9:30 a.m., reservation required)
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