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My Big Fat Greek Cafe on Broadway


560 South Broadway
Denver , CO 80209
United States
39° 42' 23.1048" N, 104° 59' 13.7868" W

My Big Fat Greek Cafe is a delightful casual dining experience on South Broadway. It's located slightly south of the most pedestrian section of Broadway so doesn't get as much walking traffic as it might if it were a few blocks north. But it does seem to get plenty of traffic, thanks to its Greek meets America menu perfect the morning after a few cocktails. The place is warm, clean, and cozy with tasty (if not slightly heavy) food.

Mona's Broadway

Mona's is a great breakfast/lunch spot. Their interior is really unique - I particularly like the marbles that are in the concrete table tops and the curvy chalk board walls (yes, you can write on them).

The food could be described as "modern comfort food," perhaps, though there are probably more and better ways to describe it. My favorite is the eggs benedict which comes with home fries (which have grilled onions and peppers). Delicious.

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