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we'll come back to this one

1. we'll come back to this one ...

we will come back - there is much of value here, and it's also addictive

2. we'll come back to this one ...

more on this later, because it deserves a longer write-up

the Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Home Improvement Outlet

the monthly punk garage sale at 3 Kings Tavern

3 Kings Tavern is an interesting venue in its own right, source of some of the rowdier early-morning spillover into my block of residential Baker, but its singular highlight for me is the punk garage sale held every second Saturday (noon to 4 p.m.); it features hand-made, re-made and just-plain-used stuff of all sorts: clothing, art, music, skateboards ... some of the merchandise just works the stereotypes — you know, skulls and other dour stuff — but a lot of it is quite artful, clever, useful and/or worth buying

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