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Moe's Barbecue

There is currently a petition going around the northeast corner of the neighborhood to get a liquor license (interestingly enough they are requesting a hotel & restaurant license AND a cabaret license - I'm not familiar enough with the details to know why that would be helpful to them). This license would be for the old auto repair building at 530 Broadway, where the business would be a Moe's Barbecue.

530 North Broadway - Moe's BBQ in Baker


530 North Broadway
denver, CO 80209
United States
39° 42' 24.7032" N, 104° 59' 15.2412" W

This used to be a car repair shop, now they serve up barbecue and live music.

Unlike their south Broadway location, this one doesn't have bowling.

Breckenridge Brewery: Beers, Barbecue, Smiles

I've never really liked the Breckenridge Brewery beers. I'm pretty specific about what makes a good beer and most of their beers lacked a certain punch.

Then I visited this restaurant/bar at 471 Kalamath and was introduced to some of their beers that never seemed to make it into stores: Small batch brews that pack a punch like the 471 India Pale Ale, the Vanilla Porter, and 471 ESB. Especially the 471 IPA suits me quite well.

Couple that with some solid barbecue and you've got a neighborhood business worth supporting.

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