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Doors Open Denver does Baker again in 2011

this weekend, 16th and 17th of April 2011, the annual Doors Open Denver once again opens many interesting buildings to public tours; Baker is not well represented this year — only two locations ...

newly built dry stack stone wall

this artful dry stack stone wall was recently constructed on W. Ellsworth Ave. near S. Fox St.; the stones were previously the walls of a small garage that stood until a few years ago on the same property; the wood slats above are recycled cedar fence planks, with only a small amount of new material used for the supports, so the structure is made almost entirely of reused materials

Doors Open Denver this weekend - sites in or near Baker

Doors Open Denver is this weekend, Saturday & Sunday, 17 & 18 April, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; this annual public opening of interesting buildings is a great opportunity to learn about Denver's architectural history

451 N. Broadway


451 N. Broadway
Denver, CO
United States
39° 43' 24.0924" N, 104° 59' 15.072" W

description from the 2010 Doors Open Denver program:

This bridge-trussed building that now contains an antique store was one of Denver’s first automobile shops: a Chevrolet dealership. Its large beams and Spanish-style arched windows add to the antique feel. An additional location on South Lipan that stores salvaged antique architectural components was built in 1920 as a construction material warehouse, using iron trusses recycled from a railroad trestle and marked Carnegie Steel.

  • Year Built: 1911

475 Lincoln St. - Sink Combs Dethlefs


475 Lincoln St.
denver, CO
United States
39° 43' 25.6764" N, 104° 59' 10.626" W

description from the 2010 Doors Open Denver program:

This 40,000-square-foot building has been a car dealership and a roller-skating rink, which accounts for its 30-foot-high barrel-vaulted ceiling and length of 300 feet.

Baker home included in Denver Tour of Solar Homes

the Denver Tour of Solar Homes this Saturday features passive solar renovations by Baker residents Suzanne Gruba & Richard Geiseler; the design is by another Baker resident, Roger Day

we've enjoyed and been inspired by past versions of this tour, which includes several other homes in central Denver as well as outlying areas -- we went self-guided, but a tour bus with lunch is also available

"Faboulus Victorian" (sic) in "Historic Baker"

i'll spare you the whole of the sloppy flyer and the details of this house for sale in Baker ... it's clearly not Victorian (it seems like an unadorned Denver Square with an ill-fitting veneer of grooved stucco)

whether it is Faboulus is open for debate; it has also been "remolded" (so states the flyer twice); and it's in "Historic Baker", the brand in which some realtors are wrapping our neighborhood

snippet of real estate flyer with typo

Baker highlighted in Post article on zoning code revamp

a Post article today, Denver zoning code revamp afoot, makes a point using Baker as an example:

For instance, the existing code specifies that a new single-family home should be built on a lot of at least 6,000 square feet.
While that might work in "suburban-type" neighborhoods, it doesn't conform to historic areas such as the Baker neighborhood, with smaller lots built on streets laid out in a grid pattern.

Doors Open Denver - Baker sites among city-wide architecture tours

each year the free Doors Open Denver event invites citizens to visit buildings or parts of buildings they might not otherwise see; all sites have at least a volunteer guide, some require reservations in advance; several of this year's sites are in or adjacent to Baker, including

  • a behind-the-scenes at the historic Mayan Theatre on Broadway (Sat & Sun at 9:30 a.m., reservation required)
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