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JAK Auto property for sale to a developer

I happened to drive by at a time when the real estate agent was onsite with a potential buyer. The property is zoned for residential but has an existing use for auto repair. Of course, that "existing use" hasn't been in active use for at least a decade so I'm not sure if they can claim an exception based on that.

Would it be appropriate for a "live-work" space for certain kinds of office purposes? What about some retail with limited traffic?

welcome to Baker, Wood Partners

i suppose the irony escaped the developers of the 388-unit “Alta Alameda Station” apartment complex that will replace the old Denver Soundstage — in Spanish, Alta Alameda means roughly “high tree-lined boulevard” or “high walkway under the trees”, and yet the huge, healthy trees that were a landmark at this edge of Baker’s residential area are now gone

huge trees felled

healthy old trees felled at Wood Partners "Alta Alameda Station"

several large trees were downed as redevelopment of the old Denver Soundstage property began

large housing development to replace Denver Studio Complex at 275 S. Cherokee

multiple outlets yesterday announced that Wood Partners plans to build a 388-unit "community" to be named Alta Alameda Station at the site of the former Denver Studio Complex; construction is to begin "early May 2012", presumably with the demolition of the large studio complex, where the Perry Mason television series was filmed

Baker is E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G !

it's easy to become jaded at how perception of Baker as an area changes over time; a few examples:

  • when it comes to nightlife, and those wanting to live near it, the "Baker District" seems to mean anything within a few blocks of Broadway from 6th to Alameda (you may find "South Broadway" used well north of Ellsworth, the north/south divide in the street naming system; however this has a historical basis)

Baker Homes for Sale - Open House Tour July 31 2011

South Baker Open House Tour
Come and check out some awesome places!

When: Sunday 7/31 from 1-4pm

  • 37 West. Byers Place
  • 150 West. Byers Place
  • 88 West. Cedar
  • 115 West. Cedar

Crime rates around the old Gates Factory Cherokee Development?

A visitor to the site asked:

I am a community social work student at DU looking to find out more about
crime rates and incidences of the Gates Rubber factory/lot in recent years.
Would you have any insight as to where I could find out more information?

I believe that the Denver police department has a statistics group that can provide crime statistics with latitude, longitude, and nature of the crime over time. This report may have a nominal fee associated with it.

First and Fox Church Condos for Sale

First Avenue and Fox Church Condos


519 West 1st Ave.
Denver, CO 80223
United States
39° 43' 6.2976" N, 104° 59' 39.2316" W

This church has been converted into three condos which were on sale for a long time and seems to be sold, and the first tenants have put it back on the market.

Blockbuster Video - Going out of business


550 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203-4426
United States
39° 43' 29.5896" N, 104° 58' 59.5236" W

The blockbuster at 6th and Grant is going out of business. They said that they'll be at the location until January, but will not be renting and will only be selling DVDs - at very low prices of between $3 and $10 - for the coming months.

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