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what goes around comes around

… signs began to appear that middle-income households were moving into Baker, radically altering the neighborhood’s profile. Young white couples and singles, attracted by Baker’s distinctive homes, affordable prices, and convenient location, were apparently buying their first homes in the neighborhood. Many statistical indicators confirm that Baker was, indeed, undergoing revitalization…

after you ponder this description of change in Baker, one that anyone who has been here even a few years would say is familiar, you may be surprised to read the full text (starting on page 85) of Revitalizing America's Cities: Neighborhood Reinvestment and Displacement

the geography of Baker tweets

MapBox has teamed with Gnip to build powerful visualizations of Twitter data, giving us a fresh way to look at the geography of Baker…

this image is from an interactive map of tweets made from mobile devices, centered on Baker; 6th Ave & Mississippi are at top & bottom, Broadway/Lincoln are on the right and the diagonals of I-25 and the light rail are clearly visible

holiday decor at Broadway & Ellsworth, 16 December 1968

44 years 3 days ago, a tall cone of lights rose over what is now Goodwill (it was Penney’s then), and garlands stretched across the street; the Ellsworth Hotel stood where we now have the One Broadway complex

via Denver is Strange, this image from the Denver Public Library Western History Collection centers on the west side of Broadway at Ellsworth (the street-numbering zero-point of all of Denver)

visualizing 2000 to 2010 demographic changes in Baker

this graphic is based on 2000 and 2010 US Census data for the area of Baker bounded by 6th Ave., Broadway, Alameda Ave., and Lipan St.; each dot represents 25 people

derived from metro Denver demographic maps compiled by Erik Fischer, license: Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike 2.0

Help Baker Now: Ideas for Stories

Here is a list of potential ongoing series for the site. We've already started coverage of some of these topics, but it would be great to have someone who really dives into one of these topics.

  • Real estate - residential, commercial, for sale/for lease
  • "Private clubs" in the neighborhood (masons, sex club in 400 block of Broadway, biker club on Lipan)
  • Salons
  • Tattoo and piercing shops
  • Marijuana dispensaries/grow shops/pipe shops
  • liquor stores
  • Gay bars
  • Dive bars
  • (Used) Clothing boutiques
  • Book stores
  • Antique shops

dwindling funnel cloud from Archer & Bannock

taken 14 July at 1:48 p.m.

didn't get the camera out until it had turned sideways and started retracting into the clouds

About Baker Now and Denver's Baker Neighborhood

This site is meant to be a few things:

  1. A community site for people interested in Denver's Baker Neighborhood.
  2. A resource of information related to the Baker Neighborhood including
    • Information on local businesses
    • Ideas and observations about gardening in the area
    • Photos of the neighborhood
    • News about upcoming events like art shows and musical performances.
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