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Tile Entry Way at The Webber Theater (formerly Kitty's)

Note a new tag on this post, "redevelopment opportunity" for anyone looking to open a new business, here are some potential locations to consider...

Sweet Action Ice Cream - A Denver Institution Since This Month

A more detailed post is due soon, but we need to do more "research" first. Preliminary research:

  • Malts are delicious
  • The space is delightful
  • Ice cream sandwiches with real cookies
  • The list of flavors available is amazing, but the actual flavors in the ice cream are often subtle. Don't always expect the flavors to be bursting forth.

the monthly punk garage sale at 3 Kings Tavern

3 Kings Tavern is an interesting venue in its own right, source of some of the rowdier early-morning spillover into my block of residential Baker, but its singular highlight for me is the punk garage sale held every second Saturday (noon to 4 p.m.); it features hand-made, re-made and just-plain-used stuff of all sorts: clothing, art, music, skateboards ... some of the merchandise just works the stereotypes — you know, skulls and other dour stuff — but a lot of it is quite artful, clever, useful and/or worth buying

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